fun girl Jah jah

Jah Jah, the first lady signed by Break Em’ Off Records, is an Atlanta based rapper from the Westside, Bowen Homes aka BankHead. In The Era of Girl Rap, Jah Jah began making a name for herself with her hit single “Get Wit Hoochie Mama” featuring 1Play in 2019. The song began making waves in the South East region, specifically in the club capital of the world, Atlanta, but love for this artist does not stop there. Her hometown loved the song so much it reached #6 on Street Watch XM, Atlanta’s #1 digital hip hop station. Her powerful and fun delivery is passionate, but this rapper also has range. “Facetime,” released in 2019, shows fans a softer more melodic side of her and also proves that she can go from Hip-Hop/Rap/Trap to R&B. Her unique flow lead Jah Jah to create her own style of music – something she calls “Southern Upbeat Hip-Hop.”


Born Janay Leana Barnswell, Jah Jah began pursuing her music dreams from the tender age of 13 at the Mays High School Talent Show where she performed her first solo act. Both her dad and her uncle shared their passion for music with young Janay, exposing her to artists such as 8Ball, Master P, and MJD. Jah Jah spent years producing with Bobby Kritical, a renowned producer who has worked with artists such as Rick Ross, Lil Baby, and Step Brothers. The two went to Hiram High School in Paulding County together. In time, the artist decided she needed her own platform. Inspiration for the rapper’s name came from a Jamaican friend; the name “Jah Jah” means God’s gift. The alliteration between Jah Jah and Janay made perfect sense as if the artist and her purpose were a match made in heaven.  


Fans can also rest easy knowing that Jah Jah really lives the life she raps about; in her former years she was a well-paid, rhythm-having, confident dancer who made money, spent money, and twerked while doing it -- ALL she knows is work. While Jah Jah no longer dances, she dedicates her time to crafting hot new tracks. Much of her inspiration comes from artists like Lil Wayne, Gangsta Boo, and Monica. In her free time, you can find the artist bowling and striking out her competition – much like her presence in the rap game. Jah Jah works hard to secure her seat at the table of girl rappers and lives up to her name as God’s gift to the rap game.